Digital Marketing

Many Montessori schools still rely heavily on traditional advertising channels, such as local newspaper ad placements and press releases, local magazine ad placements, and billboards. There’s a more targeted, more measurable, more scalable, more affordable way. And it will perform impressively for your school.

Digital marketing has offered us a way to avoid being shaped by rigid advertising channels, but to individually shape each marketing plan around the Montessori school year and the specific outreaching needs of the school.

Unlike traditional advertising where impact is hidden by obscure numbers and a lack of specific performance reporting, digital marketing allows us to not only understand granular end results, but to observe performance as the online campaign is running live. Our team of certified digital marketers are practiced to measure and refine the online marketing campaigns –that your rands are fueling– in a continuous, non-stop cycle.

Our unique, Montessori-centered, expertise of building and running enrollment campaigns for schools has led to our reputation of increased school tours and email/call inquiries, which have led to an increase of enrollment numbers. We’re focused on outcomes. – We look forward to helping you explore a newer, better way to engage interested parents.


We manage your advertising on the most powerful platforms, enabling you to nurture prospective families forward in their decision making journey more effectively than ever before. 

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