Web & Interactive

Today, there are many software solutions that can be used to design and develop web sites. We have our own solution to add to the number of choices out there. Some of these choices would work well for your needs, many would not.

When it comes to websites, it’s not uncommon for marketing agencies to sell the one solution that they are most familiar with that will offer them the quickest turnaround and greatest margin, impartial of how it meets the needs of your school. We operate in a different way.

Our team has designed and built web sites from solutions ranging from Open-source systems like WordPress, to commercialized systems like SquareSpace. We will present you with a powerful digital platform with easy to use analytics and powerful digital marketing tools, like social media integration, email marketing and blogging. Our sites are secure and comes with 30 days free support, where we train you to use your digital asset to it’s fullest to get you more enrollments without the usual dependency on tech persons.

Beyond the systems used to build your website, we endeavor a meaningfully, functional digital experience that visually speaks to the Montessori school brand name which it is serving. As an agency that values brand uniqueness, expect our designers to discern the exclusive flavors of your Montessori school and translate it into a visual story that can be experienced through the digital pages of your website.

Recent Montessori Projects